Love & War III

Hello again I’m back with another update on my personal project. The last update I made was a breakdown of the typeface I made for the Contego coat of arms so I’m picking up where I left off with adding the text to the coat of arms. coat of arms Text I didn’t do any work on this for a few days and when I came back to it I thought it looked a little sparse so I decided to make some changes and additions. I’d purposely left some space in the inner circle for a motto which is a common feature of military heraldry, I did some research into motto’s used by various military regiments around the world and made a shortlist of some I thought were suitable for the Contego coat of arms. Some of them are in Latin with translations at the side. Nemo me impune lacessit – None attack me with impunity
      (Royal Scots)

Yesterday for today, today for tomorrow
      (Italian Alpine Corps)

No one comes close
      (US Air Force)

Second to none
      (US Marines)

Conservo et supero – I conserve and conquer
      (US Medical Battalion)

Ever Vigilant
      (US Police Brigade)

Protect, defend, preserve
    (US Police Brigade)
I settled on “conservo et supero” because I think it fits in with the defensive characteristics I based the Contego coat of arms on and I also like the continuity of the Latin language influence. coat of arms Motto Surrounding the motto I was originally going to add a laurel wreath as they’re commonly featured in military heraldry and are recognised symbols of victory but I decided against it and opted for a chain which I think is more in fitting with the defensive characteristics behind Contego. coat of arms Links It’s common for each branch of a military to have their own flag, for example the ground forces of the British military have a different flag (war flag) to that of the naval forces (roundel). Based on this I decided to create a war flag and a roundel to be featured on the coat of arms. Roundel After trying the flags on the coat of arms in various positions I added a few ruffles and settled on the one below coat of arms Braid So this is the finished Contego coat of arms (aside from any minor adjustments) so from now I’m going to be concentrating on the design of the Instigo coat of arms which I’ve already started sketching. Aside from both coats of arms I’ve got a lot of ideas around this concept which I’ll be posting about a lot more over the coming weeks and months. If you’ve got any questions or feedback feel free to leave a comment, thanks for reading.

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