Meninadanca are a brazilian charity that works with young girls at social risk. I was responsible for rebranding the organisation and creating their online presence.

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Original Meninadança Logo

The original meninadança branding had been in use for two years previously when the organisation decided that they’d like to rebrand. Something they felt that was particularly important was to create a customised logotype opposed to using a stock typeface as had been the case with the previous logotype.

Meninadança initially wanted a logotype and specified that the shape of the cedilla on the ‘c’ was something they were particularly fond of and wanted to retain along with the strapline ‘hope.healing.justice.’.


Research and Development

Meninadanca’s work is carried out on two fronts, primarily they work with girls who have already been or are currently at risk of being exploited to help them come to the realisation that they have the potential to lead a healthy life. Secondly they also work to influence policies and initiatives with local governments.

Placing more focus on the former was central to the new branding as the organisation had plans to engage with a younger audience through initiatives such as partnering with dance schools around the world.

I spent some time in the ‘Pink House’ which is one of meninadança’s centres in a small community called Medina in Minas Gerais, I took the opportunity to facilitate some arts and craft exercises with the girls and educators to get an insight into what meninadança represented to them.


New Logotype and Logo mark

Free hand drawings were scanned in and finished digitally to present a new logotype that better represents the hopeful outlook of the organisation, the positive energy that is central to the work they do and through the use of strong, sweeping strokes reflects their bold ambitions.

Although the organisation initially only wanted a logotype, the research and development process led us to the conclusion that a logo mark would also be of great benefit to the organisation. The ballet shoe was a fitting representation of dance therapy which is central to the work meninadança does and the subtle inclusion of the fish is a representation of the organisation’s Christian ethos.

meninadanca-logotypemeninadanca-logotype-por meninadanca-marks

Documents and Uniforms

The chosen typefaces combined with the striking colour scheme create a bold and striking visual identity. As a lot of the documentation the organisation send out is based on guidance related to fundraising a clear and easily digestible typographic layout was of high importance.

As well as uniforms for everyday use at the meninadança centres, the girls and staff also needed performance uniforms as they often hold events and do public performances in their community and other local towns and cities.


Responsive Website Design and Development

As a budding organisation building a global supporter base, the online presence of meninadança plays a pivotal role in raising awareness of the organisation. The multi lingual website was designed and developed to facilitate donations, event registration and campaign management.

The nature of the work meninadança do dictates that protecting the identity of the girls attending the centre is of great importance, this presented a challenge of building a connection between potential supporters and the girls in Brazil without the use of photography typically used by non profit organisations.

meninadanca-responsive meninadanca-layoutmeninadanca-tablet2 meninadanca-layout2