Vinyl Crackle

Vinyl Crackle is a self initiated multi media project centred around the theme of people with an appreciation for collecting vinyl records.

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Video Production


Over the past decade music distribution has become increasingly digital as a result of technological advances and our ever increasing demand for convenience. Whilst there are many pros to this, the loss of stories and memories that come with acquiring physical pieces of music such as vinyl records are amongst the biggest cons.

The lack of a physical item in the process of acquiring music digitally led me to putting textures at the centre of the Vinyl Crackle branding, this was reflected in both the imagery and materials used.

vc-logo vc-swing-tickets2vc-swing-tickets

Prints and Packaging Design

Three limited edition individually numbered t shirts featuring bespoke designs featuring illustrations and typography.Each t shirt is packaged in a screen printed vinyl mailer featuring a bespoke design.

vc-mailer2vc-mailers vc-aitg vc-aitg-close vc-gos vc-gos-close vc-magic vc-magic-close vc-label vc-neck

Website Design

The breadth of the project dictated the need for a dedicated website to compile all the content in one place. I designed and developed a responsive website in keeping with the Vinyl Crackle branding complete with profile pages for the featured DJ’s / collectors and links to purchase the limited edition products.

vc-responsive vc-tablet

Video Production

A large part of the project entails producing short videos featuring various DJ’s and collectors sharing their thoughts on how they begun collecting vinyl and how it’s influenced their lives.Featured DJ’s and collectors are also asked to compile a short set to be made available to download for viewers to get an idea of their musical taste.