Gilbert Lesser

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a design project around the theme of Disco which led me to researching the legendary New York night club Studio 54. At it’s peak during the late 70’s and early 80’s, Studio 54 quickly established itself as the most prestigious club in Manhattan partly due to a meticulously selective door policy used to create a bizarre energy inside the club. Many of the most popular celebrities at the time such as Michael Jackson, Andy Warhol and Bianca Jagger could frequently be seen amongst the bustling crowds of regular New Yorkers. The rise and inevitable fall of the club is a deeply engrossing story that boldly underlines the notion that every good thing comes to an end, whilst revealing the source of numerous practices still present in clubbing culture today. Aside from the range of musicians I became aware of as a result of this research, I also discovered the graphic design work of Gilbert Lesser.

After seeing the iconic Studio 54 logo I went on to search for more of his work which sadly isn’t in abundance online. Judging by the work of Lesser’s I did find, his work is characterised by strong geometric forms with minimal decorative elements.

He was primarily known for designing movie posters and as the director of promotions for Life Magazine, which indicates there’s an extensive body of work for me to discover. The link below is a sparsely populated archive of Lesser’s work although if you’re lucky enough to be in New York anytime soon, some of his work is exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art. Gilbert Lesser Archive

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  1. William Lucas Walker

    You should see if you can get a copy of the catalogue from his show at the Louvre in Paris in 1987. It has most of his major images.

    • mine

      Thanks for the heads up William, I’ll try to get my hands on one!


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