Type Series

Hello, just a quick post to sum up a little personal project I’m starting this week. I’ve mentioned in other posts that besides design, music is one of my main interests and whilst making a beat a few days ago I had an idea. When making music I try not to think too much and just see what comes out, to ensure I don’t have much time to think I often set myself a time limit to have the basic framework of a beat down before turning my keyboard off. With design work it tends to be the opposite as a lot of criteria have to be taken into account, so I thought it would be interesting to do a few pieces of type design under a time limit with minimal thought involved. I’m going to post a new piece every day this week hopefully so here’s the first. As usual I’d appreciate any feedback, thanks for reading. First of Type Series

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  1. Mr Q

    I like that design and the slogan. It looks like a propaganda poster a la war time/1984.

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  3. Okey Ebizie

    this is “POWERFUL” also. the work and the quote. is it your quote? let me know please.


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